Cry Babies.

by katelin on January 11, 2017

Lately we’ve been experienced all the ups and downs of toddlerhood. Or I should say the twosomes. Because Riley turns two in a month. SWEET MERCY. And with that has come a whole lot of tantrums and meltdowns and inexplicable crying fits, it’s been real fun. And because I’m the sharing type I figured I’d use today’s blog post to let you know the many reasons my child has had a meltdown recently.

Ridiculous reasons why Riley has thrown a tantrum/had a meltdown in the past month:

  • The garbage truck drove away.
  • I put banana bread into the oven.
  • I dared to change his diaper.
  • I double dared to make him wear a sweater.
  • I asked him to walk down the hallway.
  • He rolled a car off the table.

And because it’s not just Riley having feelings over here –

Ridiculous reasons why I’ve cried in the past week:

  • Outlander. Multiple times. I rewatched season one and I cried all over again. THIS SHOW GIVES ME FEELINGS.
  • This is Us. MORE FEELINGS.
  • Obama’s farewell speech – mostly when he talked about Michelle.
  • Putting Christmas decorations away.
  • Thinking about Riley turning¬†two next month¬†and I’M NOT READY.

Basically our house is a house full of ridiculous tears. Want to come over for a good cry? We’re very welcoming.


happy wednesday!

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