The Holidays vs. The Holidays

by katelin on December 20, 2016

Last week when I was putting up our Christmas decorations, I made an offhanded comment to Matt about how different it was to decorate this year. Usually I kick Matt out and would get everything up and decorated in one afternoon. This year, it was a couple days process to get everything and I still have some things left to do.

Ultimately, this got me thinking. Christmas has been so different the past three years. Three years ago everything was the same as it’s always been, two years ago I was pregnant, last year we had a crawling baby and this year we have a full fledged toddler. So I thought it would be fun to compare just how different the holidays have been for us.

No kids: Kick Matt out. Watch The Holiday or listen to Harry Connick Jr. Christmas and go to town.
Pregnant: Kick Matt out. Watch The Holiday or listen to Harry Connick Jr. Christmas and decorate at a slow and steady pace. Seven months pregnant means things are a lot slower moving.
Baby: Kick Matt and Riley out. Watch The Holiday or listen to Harry Connick Jr. Christmas and strategically place things out a crawling baby’s reach.
Toddler: Decorate the place over a series of days while the kid naps. Contemplate what can go out and what’s too valuable to put at risk. Listen to Christmas music and bust out the noise makers for the kiddo to enjoy.

No kids: Bring it on holidays, bring it on (okay not really, I’m not 21 any more, but still – I can sort of hang).
Pregnant: Martinelli’s anyone?
Baby: Still nursing, so maybe a glass of wine here or there.

No kids: Time to bake ALL OF THE THINGS! Cakes! Bread! Cookie bars!
Pregnant: I can’t lick the spoon! This is worse than not drinking, ugh.
Baby: If I don’t fall asleep in the batter, I’ll bake something.
Toddler: I have a tiny sous chef. This is my favorite thing ever. Let’s keep baking all of the things and share them with our friends and family.

Holiday Movie Watching
No kids: Let’s watch a holiday movie whenever we want, at all times.
Pregnant: I can’t stop crying, every movie is just so emotional and just so good.
Baby: I’m a parent now and Christmas movies are so emotional.
Toddler: Go to bed Riley, mama needs to watch The Holiday on repeat. Okay, fine. Let’s watch the Sesame Street Christmas special again and again.

Our Tacky Sweater Party
No kids: Party. All. Night. Long. And nurse the hangover all day the next day.
Pregnant: Still a great party. I danced, I laughed, I felt our little baby dance along to the music.
Baby: Oh what a teeny tiny one he was. He hung out for a good part of the party before grandma took him home for the night. THANKS GRANDMA!
Toddler: Please don’t touch that. Don’t drink that. Dance, baby, dance. Sweet mercy toddlers are exhausting even when there are tons of capable adults around. At least he’ll still wear whatever we put him in and can’t be embarrassed by his parents’ awesomeness.
Holiday Shows
No kids: Sign me up for everything! The Nutcracker! Lights! Christmas shows! All of it.
Pregnant: Must be sitting in an aisle, to make a quick escape to the bathroom.
Baby: Is it too loud? Too bright? Can’t do it. This kid gets over stimulated too easily.
Toddler: Puppet shows! Animal shows! Christmas shows! Let’s do it all.

Christmas Cards
No kids: Pictures of our travels? Sure!
Pregnant: Let’s use that cute pic of us holding my bump at a wedding. Yep, sounds good!
Baby: WE HAVE A TINY BABY! Santa hats for everyone!

Christmas Tree
No kids: Let’s get the biggest tree we can get and add lights and ornaments.
Pregnant: Let’s get the biggest tree and add lights and ornaments.
Baby: Let’s get a normal sized tree and add lights and add some ornaments. But let’s keep them out of the crawling kids reach.
Toddler: Let’s get a tree and add lights. And maybe like ten ornaments. I don’t trust this kid.


You guys, the holidays are excellent.


happy tuesday!

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