Holiday Carded.

by katelin on December 16, 2016

A few months ago a representative from Basic Invite reached out to me about promoting their site. And I instantly jumped at the chance. Every year I love making photo holiday cards and I’m always open to try something new.

Once we took our mini photo session with my sister, I was ready to get cracking on our cards.

I legitimately loved how easy it was to peruse their Christmas card selection. I could narrow it down by what I was looking for and go from there. And once I found the template I wanted to use, I got to customize it.

Basic Invite Template

It was an awesome feature to be able to change the color scheme of the card to match our picture. The original template I wanted featured a whole lot of blue and that just didn’t scream CHRISTMAS to me. So I changed it, easy peasy.

Some other great features to highlight: Colored Envelopes and Address Capturing Service. Colored Envelopes is pretty self-explanatory and Address Capturing is pretty dang awesome. If I had been organized I could have uploaded my mailing list and had addresses printed on envelopes – FREE OF CHARGE. Seriously, what a great perk for the organized folks.

After I customized our cards, I double checked it and hit submit! And within a week, my cards arrived (with extras! bonus!). Seriously, it was like Christmas! Also included was a great note promising full customer service, what a nice touch!

Basic Invite - XMAS 2016

In the following few days I set up my card station. And the best surprise? The envelopes were self-adhesive. How I missed this before ordering, I have no idea. But it was a welcome surprise to not have to lick eighty five Christmas cards this year, ha. Ultimately I got everything together, addressed the cards, added stamps, let Riley color them and then sent them out. You guys, I love Christmas cards so much.


I’ve used different sites throughout the years for our cards and I was a big fan of Basic Invite.

It might be too late for you to order your Christmas cards, but there is always New Year’s cards right? Or any card for next year really. Right now you can get 30% off your order using the promo code: holi30. 



happy friday!


*Basic Invite compensated my cards, but the opinions are all my own*

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