by katelin on December 8, 2016

Pretty sure that once Thanksgiving happens the rest of the year just moves in warp speed. It’s insanity. I feel like I have to remind myself to take a step back every now and then, breathe and sit down.

At the same time, there are SO MANY thing I’m looking forward to in the next few weeks:

  • LIGHTS! I love Christmas lights. I can’t wait until we plan our annual light viewing night. It usually entails me blasting Christmas music as we drive around our neighborhood to check out light displays. I can’t wait to see Riley lose his mind.
  • Today my parents, me and Riley are headed to San Diego for the day to visit my brother Kurt. It’s the first time we’ve seen him since he shipped off to boot camp in August. I can’t wait to see him and hear how the marines are treating him.
  • Our Christmas cards. Last weekend we did a mini Christmas family photo shoot with my sister. The pictures are ridiculous as Riley was over it before we even got started. I ordered our cards immediately and slightly regret not using this picture for them:
  • UntitledThis weekend! My sister scored a free weekend at a schnazzypants hotel this weekend. On Friday night we’re having a girls’ night with my cousin and our good friend rosé. And on Saturday night, my sister is graciously giving the room to me and Matt and watching Riley for us. I AM SO EXCITED. Did I mention, I AM SO EXCITED!
  • Our Tacky Sweater Party. Next weekend is our NINTH annual tacky sweater party. It has definitely morphed over the years, but it is still fun and I can’t wait to get super tacky and ridiculous with our friends and family.
  • Watching The Holiday at least three more times. It’s December 8th and I’ve already watched this movie twice. My love for this movie is undeniable and unexplainable. I’ll probably also watch Love Actually (again, already watched it once), Home Alone and It’s A Wonderful Life sometime in there too.
  • Cider. Cocoa. Coffee. Every warm beverage ever. It’s finally coldish here and I can’t wait to sip on warm things while bundled in blankets and watching movies!
  • SANTA! Riley is obviously still too young to really get Santa. But he has a toy Santa and he loves it. So maybe he’ll like a real Santa? And this year I can maybe sort of play Santa? You guys I just love Christmas.


The holiday season is probably the best season. Just sayin.


And what are you looking forward to this month?


happy thursday!

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