Because It’s Never Bad to Share Good Things.

by katelin on November 15, 2016

Life has been a bit rocky lately, and I’m not just talking about the election. So in light of that, I’ve been working on looking at the good things. Remembering the good things. Sharing the good things. So that’s what today is all about: THE GOOD THINGS.

Celebrity sightings: I saw Darby Stanchfield at a tiny Farmer’s Market Sunday afternoon. I haven’t had a good sighting in a while and seeing someone from one of my favorite shows (Scandal!) was perfect.

Halloween: We went to my cousin’s party dressed as Star Wars characters. We dressed up for a school parade, we gave out candy at my parent’s house, we had fun. Riley wasn’t 100% on board, but it was still fun. Man I love dressing this kid up, ha.
A Big Birthday: Last month my grandmother turned 104. Yes, you read that right: 104! Seeing her and Riley together made my heart incredibly full.
A Wedding
: Remember my best friend’s wedding? Well it happened and it was amazing. I managed to keep my cold at bay, dance the night away, gave a speech that wasn’t terrible and watched two people madly in love become a married couple. It was perfect.
January 21, 2017: Yes, this is a day after our new president is inaugurated and I can imagine I won’t be too thrilled about that. But you know what I will be thrilled about? SEEING CRAIG DAVID IN CONCERT. Yes friends, my favorite Brit is going to be back in LA and I snagged tickets. It’s at the same venue where I saw him perform for the first time fifteen years ago. And I AM SO EXCITED.

Fall food: I love pumpkin flavored things. I really do. But my favorite fall is Honeycrisp apples and I cannot get enough of them. They make my life complete.

Christmas Music: Usually I wait until after Thanksgiving to start blaring Christmas music, but last week Matt knew I needed it. We got in the car and he changed the radio station to a channel that’s already playing Christmas 24/7. And I haven’t changed it since.

Babies: In the past two weeks I’ve gotten to snuggle three different newborns. My friends are just popping out babies and I am more than happy to oblige in baby cuddles. Riley isn’t so sure about his mom holding other babies, but I’m not complaining. It’s also incredibly fun to see our friends as new parents. It’s a crazy journey and I welcome anyone to join the madness.

My Boys: I’ve been struggling lately and my boys are keeping me grounded. Matt assures me than we’re in this together every single day. And Riley, well that boy just keeps us laughing and on our toes at all times. I love seeing them together and I love the little family we’ve made.

What are your good things? Tell me something good.


happy tuesday!

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