I Voted.

by katelin on October 26, 2016

I Voted.
Being an adult is always something I’ve struggled with. Yes, it has its perks – eating whatever you want (or whatever you can afford), making your own decisions, watching whatever you want to, being your own boss. However, being an adult also has some downsides – BILLS. That’s really the biggest one, ha.

This election season, I did something truly adult-like. I paid attention. And I made informed decisions.

I have voted every year I was able to since I turned eighteen. But I never really paid attention. I mean, yes – I voted for Obama and that’s about all I could tell you. When it came to senators and judges I honestly just picked based off of their names. I did no research whatsoever. And when it came to measures and propositions, I usually asked my mom what I should do and went off of that.

Seriously. That’s what I did.

Until this year.

Perhaps it’s the fact that this election season has been unlike any other, or maybe it’s because I have a child that will be affected by my decisions or maybe I just finally realized that I have a voice. And I can vote. And be informed.

California sent a giant book this year to break down the measures and the propositions¬†(which was awesome) and I actually read it. I looked at each thing and made an informed vote. I asked Matt for his input and I asked a few friends to explain a few things to me when I didn’t get it.

I watched the debates, I did research and I voted early.

I have no idea when or exactly why my sudden interest in politics changed, but I’m not mad about it.

Let’s make a change. And use our voices everyone.


happy wednesday!

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