Welcome to the Jungle.

by katelin on September 20, 2016

It’s crazy to think that two months ago I was cracking up at my son’s pal, the wooden spoon. (Seriously, how is it the end of September already?)

Anyways, I digress.

The spoon has disappeared. Or it’s just been relocated to the bottom of a toy bin or a drawer or behind something. But it’s missing and I think I’m more sad about it than Riley.

Instead, we’ve now moved on to the animal menagerie or “the jungle” as I lovingly call it.

When we go on walks or go somewhere in the car, Riley now brings an animal (or two). It’s usually a dog or a bear or a monkey. The kid has so many stuffed animals but those are usually the ones he goes for.

However for sleeping, it’s now always the elephant (the one from all of his monthly photos that he never cared about AT ALL) and the monkey (or “Oooo ooo” as we’ve started calling him – because that’s the sound monkeys make, obviously).


Part of me is┬ánervous about him having stuffed animals that he “neeeeeeds” because I mean, what if they get lost or fall apart? I also was never one to have a stuffed animal or toy that I always had to sleep with, it just wasn’t my thing. But the other part of me thinks it’s the cutest damn thing ever to see this little goofball cuddle up and snuggle with the softest little elephant and the tiniest little monkey.

Honestly, my heart skips a beat a little bit when he’s holding them both or holding any stuffed animal really, it’s adorable.

I just love that when he’s not chucking cars or throwing bouncy balls, he’s snuggling up with the soft ones.


Basically, snuggling up is the new thing in our house. And I’m not mad about it.


happy tuesday!

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