Motherhood is…

by katelin on September 5, 2016

Starting every day like you’re being shot out of a cannon. (FULL SPEED AHEAD) (Wait, I’m messing up my metaphors. But still, you get it right?)


Having patience. And taking deep breaths when you need them. And patiently waiting for your child to see the thing you want them to get that is directly in front of their face.

Getting creative. All of the time. Finding creative ways to keep kiddos entertained. Like using a tunnel toy standing up. And tossing balls into it.


Being driven to your limit all day long and counting down the minutes until bedtime. And then missing them when they’re asleep. It makes no sense at all.

Trying not to panic whenever he coughs. Or sneezes. Or has hives (seriously guys, HIVES ARE THE WORST).

Keeping an eye (or a hand on their back) on them at all times. And laughing. Lots of laughing.

Negotiations. And bargaining. And seriously questioning if your child is just playing you.

Cuddles. So many cuddles. They are THE BEST.

Explaining what “this” is. And “that.” And “this.”

Exhausting. Seriously, coffee is my lifeline. And screen time. (occasionally).

So fun. Every day is a slew of “what are we going to do? and what are you going to show me?” and it’s just SO FUN.


And finally, it’s amazing. And every day I am so incredibly grateful I get to be Riley’s mom.

Motherhood is a trip, and I’m loving the ride.


happy monday!

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