2192 Days.

by katelin on August 26, 2016

Six years later and we still have a lot to laugh about.

Six years later and I still think about our wedding day every time we go to someone else’s (shhhh don’t tell).

Six years later and you’ll always be my favorite slow dance partner.

Six years later and I still think about our vows and just how much I loved them (and how much they were truly our words).

Six years later and we’re functioning on a whole lot less sleep.

Six years later and we still know how to throw a good party.

Six years later and we both still wear these shoes (we rock).

Six years later and I am just so grateful for our little family of three.


Happy 6th Anniversary Matt, I love you oh so much every single day.




/end the schmoopfest.


happy weekend all!

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