Just Pretend.

by katelin on August 12, 2016

At thirty two years old, the following things are true:

I own exactly one pair of high heels (and I last wore them five years ago).

I don’t remember the last time I purchased makeup.

Before yesterday, I didn’t own a good LBD (Little Black Dress).

I’ve never waxed or plucked anything.

I don’t own a blazer.

I currently don’t have dental insurance.


What I’m saying here, is that I don’t feel old enough to be thirty two. Sometimes I feel like I’m just some kid pretending to be an adult. I mean yes, I’m married and heck, I even have a child, but that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes I feel like I’m playing a long extended game of pretend.

On a similar note, today I’m headed to Las Vegas to celebrate my best friend’s bachelorette party. I’m both excited and slightly nervous for a girl’s weekend away. Hanging out with a bunch of fabulous ladies will be amazing, I know it. But dressing up and playing pretend and partying like a youngin? Well, fingers crossed I can hang and not be self conscious the whole time.

Basically, this post is just a rambly excuse to say that at thirty two, I feel like I’m playing dress up and I don’t have adulthood figured out (do we ever?).

And that’s okay. Because that’s just how it is sometimes.


Now who wants to show me how to put on makeup and take me on a shopping spree? (ha)


happy weekend!

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