Riley: Eighteen Months.

by katelin on August 9, 2016

On Friday Riley turned eighteen months. A full year and a half. Toddlerhood. Time to panic. Or find a pause button. I figured, with such a fun milestone might as well do another monthly update(ish).



– Has so much personality. It’s hard to even describe because it’s just so much and just so everywhere and just so adorable.

– Is an EATING MACHINE. Literally, the first word out of his mouth every morning is “BAN” for banana. Which is shortly followed by “BLUE” for blueberries. All of them. He eats more than I do. He’s like a constant grazer and always wants snacks. I mean, it’s not a bad thing, but good lord.

Untitled– He’s also obsessed with helping in the kitchen. ALL OF THE TIME. He helps us get dinner ready, he supervises when spices are being added and he even has his own set of pots and pans and spoons to do his own “cooking” on the side.

– Kisses books. Whenever we’re done reading a book he’ll kiss it goodnight. It’s just as adorable as it sounds. He also blows kisses, ALL OF THE TIME. It is precious.

– Dances. A lot. I have music playing most of the day and every now and then he’ll stop and shimmy. His favorite song is definitely “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Whenever it comes on he starts bopping up and down and shaking his booty. It’s amazing. And I need to get it on video soon.

– Loves to color. I keep the crayons in the cupboard and whenever he wants to color he goes right over to it and starts saying “THAT” or just gives me his cheesiest smile. It’s pretty darn cute.

– Has a “please” face. It’s the biggest cheesiest grin you can imagine. Whenever we ask him to say “please” he just gives us the grin. And I’m not mad about it.

– Thinks the ice machine is the most amazing thing in the world. He loses his dang mind.

– Loves the park. Lucky for him, we go multiple times a week (and sometimes even a day). He’s pretty set on any swing or any structure with a wheel. He loves it all.

– Has a random assortment of words in his vocabulary. His most commonly used ones (besides “ban” and “blue”) are: THIS, THAT, DAD, HAT, WHOA, KITTTTY and HOT. It’s amazing how much he picks up and how he’s trying every day to say new words or repeat words back to me.

– Is still a snuggler. And it’s the best. Whenever he wakes up from nap he just wants to be held. And I love every moment of it.

– Enjoys “painting” with water. Seriously, Kidspace is a genius for this one. It’s a chalkboard. And water. And paintbrushes. And my kid would stay here for an hour if I let him.


– Is still fairly cautious. I keep waiting for the day that he becomes a runner, but so far he waits when we go places and holds my hand when I tell him to. He doesn’t try to jump off of too many things (with the exception of our couches or when he climbs on our end table) and doesn’t go sprinting away at any given chance. 


– Am okay. I’ve been in somewhat of a funk lately trying not to worry about life all of the time. But you guys, it’s hard sometimes. 

– Am headed to my best friend’s bachelorette party in Vegas this weekend. It’ll be my first trip to Vegas since the last BiSC and I’m a combination of excited and nervous. I’m one of the ‘hosts’ of the weekend, if you will, and I’m so excited to decorate and party with a bunch of fabulous ladies.

– Bought a new bathing suit. A two piece. And even though I’ve been having a lot of body image issues, I can’t wait to rock it again and again. Also, end-of-summer bathing suit purchases are essential for someone on a budget.

– Drink coffee like it’s my job. I’m definitely getting more sleep than I was a few months ago, but I’m still so tired. I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up.

– Need to figure out how to make millions so I can stop worrying about money all the dang time.

– Get a huge kick out of my kid. And putting headbands on him. 

– Take all the help I can get. Between my parents, my sister, my brothers, my mother-in-law and Matt, I let people help. I ask them for help. I’ve come to realize I cannot do it all on my own and help is needed. Breaks are needed. And my world won’t collapse.

– Love when people show up with coffee. Or ice cream. Or donuts. Or anything. Whenever people stop by and bring me things I will gladly accept it all, ha.

– Currently have a hodge podge of clients right now. Freelance work is still a weird hit or miss place to be, but I’m trying to make it work.

– Need it to not be so hot so I can spend more time outside without melting. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening any time soon. Send ice. And wine.


happy tuesday!

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