Wino Wednesday: The Fortieth.

by katelin on August 3, 2016

Oh hi, it’s been two and a half years since I did a Wino Wednesday. I didn’t really mean to stop but I got pregnant and then I just stopped drinking as much wine and you know, life.

But hey, I’ve got some new wines to share that are PERFECT for summertime (at least what’s left of it) and I figured I’d bring back Wino Wednesday for the occasion.

My pals at Pasternak Wine Imports are back for the win with the nationwide launch of Château de la Mulonnière by Saget La Perrière.

Wino Wednesday De MulonniereAnd a little background on new favorite French wine: 

Château de la Mulonnière is an historic wine estate in the Loire Valley producing excellent wines since 1860. Acquired by the Saget family in 2002, the property boasts exceptional terroirs in the most prestigious appellations of the Angers region. We give the upmost respect to the local terroir and traditional flora resulting in the estate’s vineyards receiving garden-like care and attention. Our dedication is reflected in the wines showing all the sensibility and nobility of the Loire wine region. Château de la Mulonnière’s second wine, its M label, is a wonderful introduction to Anjou wines.


Pasternak sent me a bottle of the rosé and the chenin blanc. And in a word: HEAVENLY.

I surprisingly went for the rosé first. Confession: I am not a huge rosé fan. But my goodness did I love this one. It was perfect for sipping last week when we had a BBQ poolside. It was light and refreshing and not too sweet, which I loved.

However, it was even more perfect for my inspired creation of a watermelon slushie last Tuesday.


I know frosé is a thing now and I figured I’d give it a shot. We have watermelon cubes in the freezer and I blended them up with some rosé. I then re-froze that concoction in ice cube trays. Once they were frozenish I put a few cubes in a cup and topped them with more rosé. And it was just as amazing as you can imagine.

It was refreshing and delightful and the perfect drink to sip while reading a super cheesy and addictive book. Also, I want to make it again and again, so please stop me.

As for the chenin blanc, Matt and I opened it up over the weekend and sweet mercy was it crisp. It was the perfect wine to end our evening on and went quite well with popcorn (always a plus!). I also really appreciated that both bottles were screw tops, as silly as that sounds. Yes corks are fun and fancy but a screw top is no hassle and when you’ve had a day battling a toddler, the less hassle the better.

The chenin blanc was like a combination of chardonnay and pinot grigio without being too sweet. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout in stores so I can pick up another bottle and if you’re a fan of whites, I would definitely recommend this one.


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*Pasternak Wines provided me with wine to review and all of the opinions of lovely deliciouness are all my own*

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