A Big Boy Haircut.

by katelin on July 26, 2016

One of Riley’s best features is his hair. This kid and his hair. It’s amazing. It’s luscious and it’s curly and it’s exactly what I dreamed my future baby’s hair would be like.

Alas, his crazy mess of hair was starting to impede on his vision. Those curls just couldn’t contain themselves and I finally gave in to a hair cut. Although, let’s be real, it was more of a trim. But still, a professional took scissors to my baby’s hair.

And I’m still here to tell about because somehow I didn’t have a total emotional breakdown. It’s a small miracle really.

So Saturday morning, on a quick whim, Matt and I finally took Riley to a hair salon. Although, it’s a kid’s cut place so I don’t even know if salon is the right word. Whatever.

But the cute part, it wasn’t just any salon. It was the same place Matt’s mom used to take him and his brothers to get their hair cut, including their first hair cut. So you know, sentimental and such.

Initially Riley wasn’t too thrilled about what was happening. We were in a new place, he was forced into a new chair and overall was having none of it.

That quickly changed. They had so many toys on hand and there was a TV showing animal planet or something and there were new people to look at. However, the real life saver: Cheerios.


This kid loves his snacks and I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason he didn’t cry or even fidget when the lady was snipping away at his hair. It also helped that the lady took all of ten minutes to trim his hair, she was seriously efficient.

In the end they gave us a little certificate that actually says “Graduated from Babyhood” – I MEAN, STOP IT. And Riley was just so proud of himself and I am now very much the mother of a toddler.


Excuse me while I go take a ride on the denial train.
happy tuesday!

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