by katelin on July 1, 2016

You guys. In Riley’s sixteen (almost seventeen) months, we’ve gone on our fair share of road trips. Some have been good, others have been disastrous. Overall I’m glad we haven’t been anchored to staying home just because we have a kid. And we haven’t braved a plane yet because – flying with a baby, no thank you. Also, that’s pricey. Also, we haven’t had to go that far yet with him, ha.

In other words, last weekend we went on a trip. I would say vacation, but really, no trip with a toddler is a vacation. Fun yes, but no vacation.

Matt and I trekked up north with Riley to San Fransisco. My parents have a timeshare there and invited us up for a long weekend getaway. And it was so very needed and very appreciated.

And there were a few highlights/takeaways:

Road trips always warrant stops and sometimes it’s fun to stop in new places. We found a great place that had an amazing playground and good food and I can’t wait to visit again on our next trip north.

A stroller is unnecessary in the city. THE HILLS, YOU GUYS, THE HILLS! My calves were not prepared.

Stretch. Seriously, stretch. I meant the HILLS. 

Traveling with my parents definitely helped with Riley. It was nice to have extra hands and bodies to chase after the little man. Also, they babysit so Matt and I could go out and get a little time together.

They also took him overnight and the heavens opened and I got seven hours of sleep. HOLLA.

The seals at Pier 39 are basically gone for the summer. Who knew? 

Layers. They are useful. It was sunny yet windy so it was weird to dress, but it was nice. Loved not melting my face off (like I am now, seriously SoCal, you are HOT).

Carousel rides are still fun. Fun to watch your kid enjoy them and fun to ride.

Golden Gate Park is a gorgeous place. There’s a carousel and buffalo and a kids park. And it’s a wonderful place to explore.


All in all it was a wonderful trip and I’m glad we made it work since I don’t know when our next trip will be.


How have you guys been? Fill me in.


happy weekend!

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