On the Hill.

by katelin on June 9, 2016

Last we spoke, I was professing my love to my alma mater. It’s been a week and I’ve been there and now I’m back and still reeling in the nostalgia.

I honestly wish everyone could have the college experience I had. The experience that was so wonderful that makes me want to go back every year instead of every five. The experience that brings my friends and I closer together every time we reunite.

The long weekend on the hill was magic. Actual magic. We stayed on campus (in the dorms we lived in Junior year), we played corn hole in front of the library and we danced like crazy on the quad. We* played flip cup in the middle of dinner, we occupied the photo booth 90% of the weekend and we fully utilized the open bar.
We sang karaoke at the shady bar in town and took more than one golf cart ride through campus (walking is overrated sometimes). The rain even held out for the most part during my trip (except in Greensboro and the middle of West Virginia where Jen and I had a comical experience).

Even though our lives have changed (marriage, babies, moving, etc.) it’s nice to know that Denison will always be the thing we have to keep us all together.

All in all, the weekend was just what I needed. As my first time away from Riley and Matt, it was excellent. I got to be Katelin the Adult, not just Katelin the Mom. I got to meet friends of friends, I got to see my friends’ houses, I got to explore Columbus a little bit more and I even got to sneak in some family time with my cousin.

Pretty much what this rambly post is saying is that last weekend was great. And college is magical, no matter how old you are.

And I’m already counting down until my next reunion.

*This we refers to everyone else. Flip cup is not my jam. I’m a great cheerleader though.

happy thursday!

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