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by katelin on May 17, 2016


Mother’s Day: I mean yes, this was over a week ago. But Mother’s Day was so special this year. Riley had a sleepover with he grandparents on Saturday, so I got to sleep in on Sunday. I woke up to coffee and donuts and flowers. And it was heavenly. The day was spent with good eats, good family and just, it was perfect. At the same time, I’m still in awe that I’m actually a mom. Fifteen months into this and the feeling is still surreal. And the day just makes me feel grateful. Simply grateful.

Toddlerhood: Is a crazy, crazy thing. Having a walking, somewhat talking (he says “This” in regards to practically everything) child is a whole new ball game. It’s exhausting and entertaining and I love it. But I also need a nap. And more coffee. This is also the time of the wooden spoon. Seriously, Riley is attached. Every day with that spoon. It’s hilarious.

Wine: I’m pretty convinced was invented for parents of teething, non-sleeping toddlers.

Game of Thrones: The other day Timehop reminded me that I started GoT last year. And I wasn’t totally on board with everything at first and was utterly confused. Now I just love it and silently scream at the TV every episode because I’m usually watching during Riley’s nap. It’s just so good.

College Reunions: Mine is coming up. In twoish weeks. I’m mostly just excited to spend time with my friends and see our campus. But really, seeing friends. Also, seeing other classmates. And also, a plane ride to myself so I can read. And sleep. And sweet mercy, I’m going to be away from home for five days and I have lots of feelings about this. Basically reunion will be an excellent distraction and amazing getaway.

Roasted Carrots: Are so good. Why did no one tell me this. I mean, seriously. So easy to make and just SO GOOD.




happy tuesday!

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