Good Things & Ugh Things.

by katelin on May 4, 2016

You guys. There are so many things happening here it’s a miracle I’m not just curled up on the floor wishing for a fairy godmother (don’t get me wrong, I would love a fairy godmother, but it’s my daily activity to wish for one).


It’s like 32 happened and BOOM. THINGS. Good things. Ugh things. ALL OF THE THINGS.

So first, the ugh things:

–  Our rent is going up. For the fourth time in the three years we’ve lived here. It’s frustrating and annoying and effing a I’m annoyed. We lived at our old place for five years and the rent never went up once, ugh.

–  I make a solid effort not to talk about politics, but Donald Trump. This is a cruel nightmare that just won’t end. The hate he spews and the hate he brings out in his followers is astounding and embarrassing and heart wrenching all together.

– I’ve been having a lot of body/image issues lately. And clothes not fitting. I mean it probably doesn’t help that I love candy and donuts, but still. It’s frustrating.


And then, the GOOD things! Hurray good things:

– Yesterday Riley started actually walking. Like long periods of time without holding onto things and without falling. It’s both exciting and terrifying and OHMYGODWHEREDIDMYBABYGO!?


– My brother comes home this week from a  semester abroad. I’m quite excited for Riley to see him again. A summer of shenanigans with that kid will be a good one.

– Over the weekend a friend of mine from college was in town and it was just so good to see her. I miss my college girls and love when any of them can make their way out here. Also, there was waffles. You can’t go wrong with waffles.


– This Friday I have my first in-person job interview. After months of applications and a few phone interviews, I got my first call back. I have every sort of emotion that you can think of about this one. I’m excited about the job prospect, worried that I just jinxed everything by talking about it and sad that if I do get a job my time at home with Riley full time is over. But also, huzzah!

– This weekend is chock full of fun things: Matt’s birthday, bridesmaid dress shopping for my BFF’s wedding, dinner with friends, Mother’s Day celebrations. I love fun things. And nights out. And Riley sleepovers with the grandparents.


And what’s good with you guys?

happy wednesday!

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