Thirty Two.

by katelin on April 26, 2016

Yesterday I turned thirty two.

There wasn’t much fan fair and somehow I sort of lost the excitement that I usually have for my birthday. Maybe it’s because I’m not a millionaire and money is sort of issue these days. Or maybe it’s because I miss my friends. Or I’m tired. Or because I was counting down until my birthday but didn’t actually plan anything to do for it.

Life is weird. Adulting is hard. But birthdays are still awesome (I just have to remind myself of that).

By mid afternoon yesterday I sort of got the birthday spark back. Riley took a long, glorious nap (almost three hours!) and I had some much needed time to myself to drink coffee, watch Game of Thrones and revel in time alone. And then flowers from my friend Alli arrived.


And I felt like a pageant queen.

By the time Riley got up, Matt got home and his mom came over. We went to a new restaurant for dinner and had one of the best meals ever. Shrimp and grits and sweet mercy were they tasty. And then I got a birthday dessert (caramel butterscotch pudding) without the fanfare and enjoyed some quality time with Matt.

And then just to be adults even more we went to a bar by our house for a drink and hung out some more.

All in all my birthday ended up being a delight. I got out of my funk and managed to feel a bit giddy even. It was nice to hear from family and friends and spend time not wearing yoga pants and chasing around a daredevil baby.

Birthdays are the best. And I hope I never forget that.



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