Another Birthday Wishlist.

by katelin on April 13, 2016

Ball Pit Party

You guys. My birthday is right around the corner. Just thought I should remind you. And similar to last year, my wishlist is simple:

  1. All of the sleep.
  2. A Pedicure.
  3. A money tree. Winning Lotto ticket. Straight money. I’ll take any of those. Especially since the next few months are chock full of awesome (yet pricey) things.
  4. A ball pit (well not really, but seriously look at how much Riley had in the one we went to last weekend. I want that kind of birthday joy, ha).

That’s it really.

Well maybe also a bottle (or five) of wine. And maybe this bag.

That’s it though.

Thirty two is coming up. And I’m ready for it. I mean I don’t feel like I’m old enough to be thirty two, but I’m excited. Birthdays are the best.



happy wednesday!

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