A Small List of Good Things.

by katelin on February 16, 2016

Lately I’ve been stressed. And worried. And frantic. And doing a really good job of hiding it. Until now I guess.

Freelance work has diminished and I’ve been applying for full time jobs daily. I don’t know what we’ll do about child care and I honestly don’t know a lot of things. And I’m trying not to be panicky and to know that things will work out. And that not all is dire. And that I’ve got really good people in my life. And we’ve got savings.

So with that. I’m sharing the good things that have happened lately. The things that shouldn’t be overlooked because they have brought me so much joy.

So here goes:

    • Saturday night Matt and I had a date night. We went to dinner, ate at a normal pace, drank wine and talked about things without having to entertain a baby. And then we saw a movie (Deadpool). In theaters. Like adults. It was glorious.
    • Same night. I got NINE whole hours of sleep. It was magical.
    • When I woke up on Valentine’s Day after such glorious sleep, Matt had a vanilla latte waiting for me and roses on display. It was simple and perfect.
    • On Friday night a surprise box showed up at my door. My friend AJ had sent me a coffee maker. I almost cried. It was so thoughtful and unprompted. And now I won’t give all of my money to Starbucks (just some of it).
    • We spent all of Valentine’s Day at my parents’ house. It was delightful. On top of the Valentine’s Day goodies my parents’ got for him, they also (with the help of my sister) surprised us with this chair. I had offhandedly mentioned to my mom last week that I wanted to get a cute little chair for Riley, and they did it. Cue emotions.


  • I finished Jenny Lawson’s newish book, Furiously Happy and I adored it. I treated myself to a pedicure on Saturday and was in tears from laughing so hard when I was reading it.


So there it is. My good things in the midst of a stressy time. What are your good things kids? Share away.


happy tuesday!

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