Riley: Twelve Months.

So last Friday I became the mother to a ONE year old. TWELVE whole months Riley has been in our lives. It’s still so nutty to say. But oh my goodness.


– Is the goofiest, silliest kiddo around. His personality has just exploded this past month and I absolutely love it.

– Is unfortunately still battling a cough. It’s so frustrating. This kid isn’t even in daycare or school and yet, the sickness persists.

– Loves books. It makes me so very happy when I see him surrounded by toys and decides to pick up a book instead.

– Hates sleep. Hard core. It’s gotten worse. Sleep is for losers!

– Doesn’t hate the swings! I took him to the park on his birthday and we gave the swings a shot again. And he actually laughed. Like a lot. It was so fun to finally see him not terrified.

– Also doesn’t hate CAKE. We had hist birthday party over the weekend and kiddo went to town on cake. And frosting.

– Is cruises along the furniture. And loves his push toy. I feel like walking will not be far away.

– Blows kisses and points to his head when you ask him.

– Has the BEST hair. It seriously is getting curlier every day and I love it.

– Hangs out in his tent. It’s hard to tell who likes it more, me or him. But he does look pretty chill.



– Am still so tired. Am I a broken record yet? Maybe. Probably. I’ll sleep one day. Right?

– Have read one book this year. I am such a slacker. I need more time. And less tiredness.

– Have unfortunately been getting even more migraines. It’s becoming ridiculous and painful and I just want them to stop.

– Am having so much fun with Riley lately. His birthday party was a huge hit and he cracked me up the whole time.

– Have been in freelance limbo. I had projects wrap up without having any others lined up. So I’m trying not to panic and know that things will work out. I’ve also been applying for full time jobs and just putting feelers out there. Any job juju you’ve got is much appreciated.

– Need a sugar intervention. Like seriously, I can’t stop.

– Also need to invest in a coffee maker of some sort. Starbucks has all of my money. I blame Riley.


happy wednesday!