The Holiday Numbers (Vol. 4)

by katelin on January 5, 2016

Oh HI 2016, WHEN DID YOU GET HERE!? More like, HOW DID YOU GET HERE? But really guys, it’s a new year. The holidays came and went like a whirlwind and seriously, what just happened? Keeping with tradition, here’s a little recap of what I was up to the past couple of weeks:

Times I watched The Holiday: 6
Times I watched Love Actually: 3
Gingerbread lattes consumed: At least 5, maybe 8.
Days Sick: 5. Seriously, two years in a row of being sick over the holidays. OVERRATED.
Visits to Kidspace: 2. And both were delightful watching Riley explore and watch all of the big kids.
Photo Dec 22-3

Cried happy tears: Too many times to count. I cried over the stockings. I cried when my parents gave Riley a book where they recorded their voice. I cried when my aunt and uncle gave us a family ornament. I cried A LOT. A LOT. A LOT. 
Photo Dec 27-3

Celebrities Spotted: 1. Matt and I had a day date and he did a double take because the woman walking behind us “looked like Garcia from Criminal Minds.” And then I looked and it WAS Garcia from Criminal Minds.
Times I made Riley wear a ridiculous hat: COUNTLESS.
Books Read: 1/2
Visits to the zoo lights: 1. And this gem of a photo was captured with my siblings and my kiddo all bundled up. Los Angeles actually got cold y’all.

Years my ‘Happy New Year’ tiara survived: 6


And that’s about it. There was a whole lot of family time and baby cuddles and Christmas songs and a tacky sweater party and a cookie party and time with friends. And yep, I love the holidays and sort of really miss them already.

How were your holidays? Do something crazy? Anything new?


happy tuesday!

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