Riley: Ten Months.

by katelin on December 8, 2015

YOU GUYS. STOP IT. Riley turned TEN months old on Saturday. TEN. I’m a whole bag of emotions over that fact. Wasn’t I just announcing that I was pregnant. Wasn’t he just born? When did I last sleep through the night (answer: I legitimately have no idea).


– Crawls!  It happened on Veteran’s Day and he hasn’t slowed down since. Seriously, I am chasing him around all day long. And taking away cords and shoes and everything else he’s trying to shove in his mouth and grab down. It’s entertaining and exhausting at the same time.

– Is pulling himself up. Onto the table and just wants to get his hand on everything. Especially if it’s something of Matt’s (like bacon for example, ha). Untitled

– Loves to bang his head into the dishwasher. Like a weirdo. Basically he just likes ramming his head into anything. It’s so odd.

– Makes a whole lot of noise. All of the time.

– Has started flirting. He seriously turns on the charm when we’re out sometimes and when he sees people he knows, it’s adorable.
Untitled– Grabs faces, mouths anything. He is senor grabby hands.

– Had a good first Thanksgiving. A whole lot of family and a whole lot of snuggles and cuddles and cuteness. Untitled

– Is still so drooly and I’m pretty sure he’s still teething. He now has seven teeth and I think number eight will be making an appearance soon. He is also a biter. We’re working on it.
Untitled– Loves to eat. But has unfortunately now figured out how to throw his food. So that’s fun, ha.

– Is no longer a sleeping champion. That lasted about two weeks. Then he got sick, an ear infection, and a stream of just other things that threw everything off and poor kid just wanted to be held all of the time. So now we’re working on it again. He’s becoming a stomach sleeper so that seems to help. But sweet mercy. I’m just so ready for sleep. Untitled


– Am so excited for the holidays. We bought our tree over the weekend, we’re hosting our annual tacky sweater party this weekend and even though it was eighty degrees yesterday, I’m very much in the holiday spirit.

– Read a book! Huzzah!  (It was the final book in the Miss Peregrine series and it was so good!) I’ve even started another one and hope I can finish it by the end of the year (goals!).

– Am having travel withdrawal. Plane withdrawal. Friend withdrawal. All of it.

– Am fighting with my body. I need to get back into shape, exercise again, get more sleep (HA HA HA), stop eating donuts (HA HA HA) and chocolate chips (HA HA HA).

– Love this little goober so much. He’s my constant companion and every day pal. I’m so grateful I’ve been able to stay home with him as long as I have and I know it’s truly a blessing.

happy tuesday!

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