Riley: Nine Months.

by katelin on November 6, 2015

You guys. Riley is nine months old, NINE. I mean. How did that happen? When did that happen? Sweet mercy.


–  Loves standing. Like all of the time. He occasionally lets go and then tries to go about it with one hand and it’s adorable. He’s fallen several times, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to stand again. 


– Has so much personality now. He’s such a fun little person. 

– Is starting to sleep better-ish. (HARK!). As in, we’ve had a few nights with 6+ hours of sleep. There was even a night of 9 hours. It. Was. AMAZING. I felt human again. And now we know he knows how to sleep. How to put himself to sleep. 


– Is still scooting, maneuvering and rolling away. Not really crawling, but trying really hard. He’s figured out how to roll across the room so I always have to keep my eyes on him. 

– Loves feeding himself. We’re still doing some purees but he’s gotten really good at feeding himself lately. Especially bananas, puffs, carrots, pasta and cheese. He is truly my son. 

– With eating comes a lot of biting. His fifth tooth is currently making it’s way and kid cannot stop biting anyone and anything. 


– Reaches! When you go to pick him up off the ground he reaches up for us now. It’s adorable. And makes my heart melt.

– Tolerates me when I put random shit on his head. Seriously, I’m so easily amused.

– Had his first Halloween! He was the Great Pumpkin, Matt was Charlie Brown and I was Snoopy. He was napless for the afternoon, hence the judgement in his pictures, ha.


– Loves playing with other babies. He grabs at them and interacts and it’s so cute. I still have to run interference so he doesn’t scratch them or bite them, but it’s still cute. 


– Am so entertained by my child. And myself. Being around a baby all day long has made me a bit loopy. Dance parties, sing-a-longs, long walks – a whole lot of silly. 




– Have been having more good days than bad. 

– Hit a bit of a reading slump, but alas I’m hoping that’ll change soon with a new YA book to read. 

– Am so excited that Fall is finally here! It’s been in the 60s/70s here finally and I’ve busted out boots and scarves and leggings and sweet mercy it’s magic. 

– Love coffee and donuts. A whole lot. 

– Am still keeping busy with freelance work, but it’s starting to slow down. Hoping it can pick up around the holidays and into the new year. I’ve also applied for a few full time positions and man, this won’t be easy. Good job vibes are much appreciated. 

– Cannot believe it’s already November. 

– But I’m also already working on our Christmas cards, bring on the holiday madness! 




happy weekend!

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