Sometimes I Ignore My Baby.

UntitledAnd that’s okay.

I’ve come to realize that sometimes I need some me time. And it’s hard when I’m with Riley 24/7. So sometimes I ignore him.

I let him play by himself (which is good for him anyways) or if he’s super whiny, I just don’t cater to him right away. I ignore him. And admittedly, it feels kind of good.

Tending to someone all day, every day is exhausting. Even if that someone is only eight and a half months old. Sometimes I feel bad if he’s super whiny, sometimes I don’t.

But I’ve come to realize that sometimes this kiddo needs to be ignored. He needs to entertain himself. He needs to not be a Stage Five Clinger ALL OF THE TIME. I mean, this will all probably change once he’s actually mobile because a baby on the move cannot be ignored. But still, you get the gist. Ignoring is okay.

And I just felt like it needed to be said because being a work-at-home-mom means creating some boundaries and letting myself feel okay if my kid gets a little whiny.

It’s okay. And that’s all. (even if Riley is judging me, ha). Untitled

happy friday!