Riley: Seven Months.

by katelin on September 9, 2015

You guys. Riley is SEVEN months old. How that happened, I have no idea.

Seven Months!He:

– Surprisingly still just has two teeth. We thought more were coming in, but alas they are taking their sweet time. He’s drooling and showing all the signs of more teeth, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

– Is so good at sitting up! He doesn’t topple nearly as often and has even started lunging forward to reach for things.

– LOVES when Matt comes home from work.

– Is such a good eater. Sweet mercy I hope that never changes. Untitled
– Is turning into a Stage 5 Clinger. Like he MUST see me at all times in order to not instantly freak out.

– Has had more sleepovers at my parents’ house and of course it has been his best sleep.

– Speaking of sleep. He’s still terrible at it. Like if sleep was a class, he’d get a big ole F.

– Loves looking outside and going on walks.
Untitled– Eats his feet. On the regular. Untitled– Tried out a swing again. And his knuckles turned white from gripping so hard. May have to wait before we do that one again.

– Stares people down, like whoa. Untitled– Got baptized. It was a wonderful day and eventually I’ll get around to posting about it.


– Need a nap.

– Have been enjoying playdates in the park. It’s been quality baby time for Riley and quality adult time for me.Park Date!

– Am in a constant struggle of working from home and going back to work full time. I am trying so hard to make this work, and it’s work, ha.

– Desperately need a getaway. I love Riley and I love Matt, but I’m itching for just a day or two to myself. Or with friends. Or getting my nails done. And it might actually happen soon. Fingers crossed.

– Am still on the lookout for a money tree, fairy godmother or winning lottery ticket.

– Can’t wait for Fall! Give me all the pumpkin and cinnamon things. And Halloween!? Now, time to figure out what we’ll actually be doing. But still. FALL!




happy wednesday!

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