1826 Days.

by katelin on August 28, 2015

fino-1971Five years later and I’m still amazed I that I didn’t cry during our wedding.

Five years later and I cry every time I look at our photos or rewatch clips from that day. I make zero sense.    

Five years later and I still think that we had one hell of a party.

Five years later and we’re still just as goofy. fino-2202

Five years later and I love you more than I did that day.

Five years later and you still pour my wine first.

Five years later and you’re always there to hold my hand and tell me it’ll be okay.
fino-1960Five years later and we’re now a family of three.

Five years later and we might be exhausted but we’ll make it just fine.


I’m so excited for the next five months, five years, fifty years. I’m excited for it all and I’m so happy we get to do it together.


Happy 5th Anniversary Matt, I love you more than you’ll ever know.




/end the schmoopfest.



happy weekend!

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