This is (my) 31.

by katelin on August 25, 2015

Goofy faces. Zero shame.

Achy knees.

Not being embarassed to go to bed at 9.

Debating whether or not to read or write.

Having dinner at 4:45 because I can.

Not understanding tween fashion (seriously, what is the point of pockets hanging out of your shorts??).

Buying the good wine.

Having ice cream for breakfast.

Having donuts any damn day of the week.

Saying no to plans because frankly, getting dressed is hard work sometimes.

Wearing the same clothes I wore to bed out to the grocery store.

Attending more baby showers than bachelorette parties.

Constantly going to the grocery store.

Still not knowing how to properly make and stick to a budget.

Exercising because I want to not because I have to.

Realizing how amazing my parents are.

Treasuring the friends that make the time to stay friends.


What is your 31? (or whatever age you are, obviously not everyone who reads this blog is 31, ha).



happy tuesday!


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