An Ode to Parks & Rec.

by katelin on August 19, 2015

Every now and then a TV show comes along that gives me all sorts of feelings. The last show to give me so many feelings was Sons of Anarchy. I was INVESTED. Clearly. And Shonda Rimes and her shows give me all the feelings, but that should be a category of its own. Before them I’d say Friday Night Lights. And way before that Dawson’s Creek. All dramas, all great.

It made me realize how few comedies I actually watch. And honestly, life needs more comedy. Yes, I love Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. I was a fan of How I Met Your Mother until the final disastrous season. So when I started Parks & Rec I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into.

In fact, I was getting myself into a show that gave me feelings. It gave me happiness. It gave me laughs. It gave me a whole lot without the added stress that all of my drama shows give me.

I think the reason I never started it originally was because it reminded me of The Office. And not to bash The Office, but I could just never get on board with it. I saw a few episodes here and there, but I didn’t love it. And I honestly thought that Parks & Rec was going to be the same way.

And I was wrong.

Parks & Rec was delightful. It made me laugh. It made me cry (in a good way). It made me say WTF on more than one occasion and definitely gave me some quotable and relatable moments to live by. It also let me in on the secret that everyone I feel like, already knew, TREAT YO SELF. And Ron Swanson.

So what I’m saying is, if you’re like me and didn’t catch the Parks & Rec bug when it was live, catch it now. Watch it now. And feel your life get just a little bit goofier.



Have you watched Parks & Rec? Are you a comedy or a drama fiend? Too much TV to watch and not enough time, trust me, I know.


happy wednesday!

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