A Little Bit of Screen Time.

by katelin on August 13, 2015

Let me just start this post off my saying, NO – I honestly don’t care what you’re doing with your child and if they have an iPad, five smartphones or watch TV all day. What parents choose to do with their children and their upbringing is all on them, and I’m all for supporting parents instead of bringing them down.

With that, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Screen time. Right now our current plan/goal/aspiration for Riley is to be screen-free for until he’s at least two. I say that now and who knows, it might change. We might get desperate to pacify an exhausting toddler and hand an iPad over to him. Who knows? But for now, we’re trying to keep this kiddo screen free.

We spend a lot of time listening to music and going on walks and reading and just about everything that doesn’t include the TV. And I’m trying to get better about not being on my phone in front of him (with the exception of breastfeeding because that ish in the middle of the night is exhausting) and not work on my computer when he’s right next to me. It doesn’t always work, and that’s okay.

And sometimes it’s inevitable that a screen will be on when we’re out somewhere. And if it is it’s guaranteed the kiddo will be glued to it in no time. It happens.

However, amidst all of our efforts to be screen free I make one big exception: FaceTime.

Matt laughed at me the first time I FaceTimed with friends and with Riley because it is very clearly Screen Time. But I argued, it’s different. It’s technology at it’s finest. It’s keeping me connected to friends across the country that otherwise would never meet me kid. And you guys, it’s amazing.

Yesterday, in one of his non-fussy moments, Riley and I FaceTimed with my BFF Jen, who lives in North Carolina. She met Riley when he was one month old and since then we’ve FaceTimed a few times but Riley has usually been pretty blah and not too interested. Yesterday though? Yesterday was a whole new child and it was SO CUTE.

Riley & Jen
Riley was giggling and making faces at Jen and reacting to the things she was saying and doing and luckily I was off screen because I was on the verge of (happy) tears. Geography is so stupid sometimes but I’m glad that technology can help bring us a little closer.

So what I’m saying is that the only screens I’m shoving in Riley’s face these days are the ones that have my friends and family at the other end. And that’s quite alright by me.


I’m curious, kids or no kids, how do you balance screen time?


happy thursday!

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