Things That Happened Over the Weekend.

by katelin on August 10, 2015

Creative blog title right? Ha. I’m too tired to think of anything else.

But really, a lot happened this weekend. A LOT. And in no particular order or priority I thought I’d share. Because they are things worth sharing:

– Riley had another sleepover at my parents’ house. Because they are saints. And apparently wizards. Because he had his best sleep EVER. I mean, COME ON CHILD. Now that we know he can sleep long periods of time, we’re hoping he can exercise that skill at home as well.

– The night after Riley’s sleepover, he had the worst sleep over. And I was basically a zombie the next day. I even left the house to grocery shop wearing the same clothes I went to bed in. Shame, I have none. Exhaustion, I have all of it.

– My best friend, Megan, got ENGAGED! Hurray! And because Riley was with the grandparents, Matt and I got to celebrate with the happy couple. Like adults. Who drink margaritas. And wine. And hang with other adults. And gush over her ring and be all around happy for her and JR. And just, YAY LOVE. AND ADULTHOOD!
Untitled– I finished Parks & Recreation. And I loved it. By far one of the best series finales I’ve ever watched. Also, one of the best series overall. That show legitimately made me happy. And made me laugh every single episode. Even though I was way behind on the times, I’m so glad I finally watched it.

– Riley rode in his stroller without the car seat. As in sitting facing out. To the world. Using just the straps. Not sure he knew what to do with it as he grabbed on to the side of the stroller for the entire walk. But sweet mercy, when did this kid get so big? Untitled
– We celebrated my youngest brother’s eighteenth birthday. EIGHTEEN. Sweet mercy. I very clearly remember the day he was born and the fact that he’s eighteen is just baffling. It was pretty low key and it was good to see family and eat cupcakes and just, goodness. Slow it down Time.


And how was your weekend? Any milestones? Sleepovers? Adulting?


happy monday!

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