Riley: Six Months.

by katelin on August 5, 2015

Sweet sassy molassy. RILEY IS SIX MONTHS OLD. As in half a year. As in, STOP IT TIME YOU’RE MOVING TOO FAST. But at the same time, my goodness is this kid fun now. I mean he wasn’t not fun before, but he’s super fun now.

Riley: 6 Months!He:

– Has two teeth! And I’m pretty sure another one will be coming in soon. This kid gnaws on EVERYTHING. And drools like crazy, still. Seriously, we’re at like three bibs a day, ha.

– Is eating solid foods. And oh what an entertaining adventure that has been. So far he’s had: avocado, green beans, sweet potato, applesauce, pear, carrots and butternut squash. Carrot has been the definitive winner so far whereas green beans were the ultimate loser (I feel ya kid, they are GROSS). Untitled– Has so much personality now. However he seems to reserve most of it for just me and Matt. When we take him out in public he’s much more calm and observant and not nearly as giggly, seriously, such a weirdo.

– Can sit up! Unassisted. He still topples over, but he’s able to sit up by himself now and it’s SO CUTE. Untitled– Went in a swimming pool for the first time. And it didn’t phase him. At. All.

– Has found his voice. He babbles all the time. And sort of sounds like a pterodactyl when he screeches. It’s too dang cute.

– Is still such a snuggler. It. Is. Adorable. Untitled– Loves tags and toothbrushes. Seriously, any toy or blanket he automatically grabs the tags, it’s hilarious. And whenever Matt or I are brushing our teeth it is the most fascinating thing in the whole world.

– Has had two sleepovers with the grandparents. And of course it was his best sleep. Ever. Rascal.

Untitled– ┬áIs thisclose to rolling over from his back to his stomach.

– Has yet to figure out nighttime sleep. We’re on a schedule (which every book and parent I know says is key) and are pretty diligent with it, alas, no dice. He’s still up every twoish hours (or less).


– Started taking Riley to story time at the library. It’s both amusing and overwhelming. Imagine 20+ kids under the age of two singing songs and “listening” to stories. I’ve met a few moms there and it’s sort of fun.

– Read another book!

– Had a bit of a meltdown earlier this week. Working for myself, not having a money tree, a baby who won’t sleep and learning that I screwed up Riley’s insurance all piled into one big cry fest. It wasn’t pretty, but it was necessary.

– Discovered that the final season of Parks & Rec is on demand, so I’m savoring the final episodes. And laughing with each one.

– Am still freelancing. Doing work late at night or during Riley’s naps, I’m getting it done. My goal now is ultimately to stay home until Riley is one. Fingers crossed I can actually make this a reality.

– Have been making baby food. Never thought I’d utter those words. Basically it’s a bunch of pureeing of fruits and veggies. It’s saving us money. And it doesn’t take too long. So hopefully I’ll keep it up.

– Am. Tired. And I doubt that’s going to change any time soon.

– Constantly find myself laughing when I’m with Riley. With him and at him. He’s a goofball. And his cuteness more than makes up for his allergic reaction to sleep. Untitled



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