A Little Bit About a Two Piece: Part Two

by katelin on July 23, 2015

A little over a year ago I posted this.

Shortly thereafter I got pregnant. And part of me thought I would never wear that bathing suit again. The other part of me was asking why wouldn’t I? Just because I had a baby, doesn’t mean I have to cover up.

Alas, we are here. Five and a half months postpartum and I’m in a two piece again.
Two Piece.Yes I wore it two months postpartum and I was okay, but I was just around family and I realized my body was still feeling pretty foreign. I mean, I had a BABY. My body is different. But it’s not terrible. It’s mine. Yes there are scars and stretching and extra flab (that can probably be accredited to my donut and York peppermint patty addiction moreso than having Riley, ha), but it’s my body.

And I finally able to say again that I love it.

This body of mine took some readjusting and some looser clothes, but it’s mine. Yes, sometimes I admittedly will unintentionally suck in my stomach or wear a different shirt that doesn’t cling so much, but that’s okay. I’m not perfect. But I am grateful. This body gave me Riley. And hopefully one day it’ll give me another child and even more scars and flab. Two Piece.

So thanks body.

Thanks for being you.

And thanks boobs, for still managing to fit into this suit (I swear they do fit, I just didn’t have it adjusted properly for the picture – but alas there was a needy baby waiting for me,ha). You rock.


happy thursday!

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