Riley: Five Months.

by katelin on July 7, 2015

On Sunday Riley turned FIVE months old. So, that’s happening. Sweet mercy.

– Can roll over again. He doesn’t totally lose his mind during tummy time right away and will instead try to roll over and usually succeeds. He’s also getting close to rolling over from his back to his stomach.


– Has been a champ and eating rice cereal and sitting in his high chair! Soon we’ll be starting actual foods because this child seems to have an appetite that just can’t be satisfied.

– Still hates sleep.

– Is also starting to hate going on walks. I think it’s because he gets too hot or just uncomfortable, but our three mile walks are slowly becoming one.

– Drools like a maniac still and yet, no teeth.

– Laughs! And it’s the absolute best.

– Had his first trip to the beach and was totally unfazed by the sand.

– Is definitely starting to recognize people and not just me and Matt. He lights up when he sees his grandparents and his aunts and uncles. He’s starting to recognize faces and I just love it.

– Enjoyed his first 4th of July. At least I think he did. He was held all day by family and he even had a midday outfit change.
– Is still a super snuggler.
Untitled– Has the worst farts ever. It is no longer funny or adorable. It’s singeing my nostrils and I don’t know if I’ll ever recover.

– Is also apparently a yoga master and can sleep in the weirdest positions.

– Has incredibly squeezable cheeks. He’s finally starting to put on some weight and I’m pretty sure it’s all in his cheeks and his thighs.


– Have developed a love affair with chai tea lattes. And donuts. My wasitline is not pleased with this development.

– Finished another book! That’s 10 for the year! Not nearly as impressive as the last few years’ 40+ but I’ll take it.

– Find myself humming children’s songs. When Riley is not even around. Thanks Raffi Pandora, thanks.

– Have given up on painting my fingernails because my hands have basically become a teething toy. Seriously, babies are so weird.
 – Am going to a few mommy meetups this week, so we’ll see how that goes.


– Have been keeping busy with freelance work. I’m seriously so grateful for the recommendations from friends and former coworkers that have enabled me to keep on working from home and staying with my munchkin.


happy tuesday!

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