Riley: Three Months.

Three months old!
On Tuesday Riley turned three months old. THREE. Hey Time, slow it down okay?


– Has the most unpredictable sleep schedule. It’s exhausting. For everyone. We sort of tried moving him to his room at night but that didn’t go over so well. And we’re sort of trying to get him on a sleep schedule but not really enforcing it since we’ll be throwing it off when we go out of town soon. I just want him to be a magic sleeper.

– Coos and ahhs and has the cutest gummy grin ever.

– Drools like a Saint Bernard. Teething you ask? I really hope not,

– Tends to spew on me and poop on Matt. Babies are gross. Yet adorable, because he laughs every time he makes a mess.

– Is a Stage Five Clinger these days. Like “Hold Me Mommy Don’t Even Put Me Down For A Second” clinger. It’s cute but it’s also like “calm down kid.”

– Hates tummy time. Still. Doesn’t even try to flip over any more, but rather just screams until I pick him up.

– Is becoming a bit of an escape artist and can wiggle worm out of his swing. So basically we need to buckle this kid in, all the time.

– Loves story time. And mobiles.

– No longer loves his carseat. I think the six hour trek to Salinas ruined it for him. Now it’s hit or miss. And I’m slightly dreading our upcoming trip to Napa Valley.

– Is sadly losing his mohawk. He’s shedding all the time and I’m pretty sure he’ll be bald by next month. It was a good run, mohawk.

– Looks like a different baby every single day.


– Need a nap.

– Am getting real friendly with the people at Starbucks.

– Am also shedding. Apparently it’s a thing postpartum. It’s a good thing I have lots of hair because I’m losing all of it, glamorous.

– Am overly emotional thinking about Mother’s Day this weekend. I keep thinking back to the last two years and just how I wanted to be a mother so badly and now I’m here. This Mother’s Day is so special. My first one as a mother, my mom and mother-in-law’s first as grandmothers. I’m just so incredibly grateful. And emotional. And on the verge of happy tears at all times.

– Have been stressing a lot lately over my work/financial income situation. Do I continue to do freelance? Do I find a full time job and put Riley in day care? Someone make big life decisions for me okay? Thanks.

– Have been totally slacking on working out/walking. Being exhausted and spotty weather has thrown a wrench in my efforts. But I’m determined to get back on track this month.

– Have gotten much better at the baby carrier. Having an infant insert helps. And a bigger baby.

– Baked! Twice! In two days! High five!


happy thursday!