To Matt.

by katelin on May 6, 2015

UntitledDear Matt,

In a rather panicked moment a few days ago I asked you if we’d be okay. No, nothing is wrong with our relationship but rather I was worrying about absolutely everything ranging from finances to feeling like adults again to being good parents. And you quickly assured me that yes, yes we would.

And it’s because of  your steadiness that I love you even more. No, we can’t predict the future and yes we’re both sort of lost in our career paths these days, but we’re in it together.

And we do know that we love each other and we love our son. We’re a team. A really good team. And the past three months have already affirmed what I already knew about us and about you, we work well together. I’ve also learned that you’re really good at story time, ha.

I realized the other day that I’ve known you almost half of my life. I can hardly remember a time that didn’t involve you. High school was better because you were my best friend, college was better because we could swap stories and after college was the best because that’s when we started dating. It’s so crazy wonderful to me to know that I met my future husband and father of my child when I was sixteen. I don’t even remember who I was at sixteen but I remember you.

I know thirty one isn’t a big birthday and this year our birthdays have sort of gone under the radar, but I wanted to celebrate you. So here’s to you Matt, here’s to many more nights of story time, to figuring out parenthood together, to forfeiting sleep so we can spend time together, to drinking really good wine, to laughing at the little things and loving all the big things. Here’s to you and here’s to thirty one-derful years.

Riley and I are so very lucky to have you.


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