We’re Still Adults.

by katelin on May 5, 2015

You guys, we’re still adults! We can still do adult things! And enjoy weekends together! Hurrah!

Friday: My little brother headed to his senior prom and I was a dutiful big sister there to take pictures and ooh and ahh and reaffirm that they make good choices. But seriously, how cute is he with his girlfriend!?
Kurts promAfter the prom send off Matt, Riley and I went to my aunt and uncle’s house for a little BBQ. It was so nice enjoying the evening outside and relaxing and just, yes.

Saturday: The morning was spent relaxing with my favorite little cuddle bug while Matt went to work.
Untitled Afterwards my mom called to see if I’d like to go get massages and um, YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. So that was nice. And quality time spent with my mom, topped off with a trip to Starbucks. I cam home with just enough time to hang out for a bit before we headed to my friend Katrina’s house to “watch” the fight. And by “watch” it really turned into hanging out with her family, eating lots of good food and staying for two rounds because all the screaming freaked Riley out, ha.

Alas, the evening was cut short but it was still fun.

Sunday: The birthdayness continued and we went to brunch with friends. Like really good brunch. And Riley didn’t freak out. And we all managed to eat while our food was hot. It was superb. And after brunch we all went to a Dinosaur themed toy store, because we’re adults. And then got milk shakes. Because yes. It was awesome. The whole afternoon was delightful spending time with friends and I can’t wait to do it again soon.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent napping and more napping. And then movie watching and relaxing together as a family. Twas delightful.


And how was your weekend? Any good eats? Naps?


happy tuesday!

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