Life, in a weekend.

by katelin on April 28, 2015

Remember when I used to post about my weekends? Yes, that was nice. And I sort of want to do it again, even if my weekends fly by in a blur of no sleep and family things.

Friday: Friday was spent celebrating the life of my great aunt LaVerne. Her memorial was beautiful and it was nice to see so many family and friends. Unfortunately Riley fussed for most of the service so Matt and I were quarantined to the back of the church trying to hush our child. On the plus side of that, I never really broke down in tears because every time I got misty Riley needed me. But then I’d get teary again thinking about how LaVerne would never meet Riley, and you get the point. It was a weird circle.

The whole day was spent with family and it was just what we needed. Riley got to meet so many cousins and got so many kisses. And I got to hear family stories I’d never heard before. All in all, it wasn’t an easy day, but it was a good day.

Saturday: My birthday! Huzzah.

It actually was the most unbirthday I think I’ve had in years. Maybe it was because I was so tired and the majority of the day was spent in the car driving home, but it just wasn’t the same fanfare of birthdayness I’ve had in the past. I got free Starbucks (caffeine for the win!), I watched Scandal and I did a little bit of reading.

Eventually the evening arrivedĀ and my parents came over to watch the little guy so Matt and I could have our first date night out since Riley was born. You guys, adult time is awesome. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, had pretty cocktails, walked around, talked about things other than our son, perused a candy store and just had a good ole night together.

Even if it wasn’t the fanfare and birthday hoopla I usually love, it was nice to have quality time with Matt and to wear actual adult clothes without having to worry about spit up or grabby hands, ha.

In a nutshell, 31 is low key so far, but it isn’t bad. And that’s fine by me.

Sunday: Another big ole family event day, our niece’s baptism.

For this church event we actually left Riley with my parents. It was nice to have a little break and socialize with family and friends. After the actual baptism we picked up the kiddo and headed to the in-laws for a little post baptism partay where I immediately wrangled my boys together to take a photo before any of us got spit up on, ha.

The result was the birthday picture I had hoped for:
The rest of the day was a bit of a blur of hanging out with family, enjoying some wine and delighting in a good ole sunny Southern California day. By the time we got home we were all exhausted and ready to just be home.

Riley was a champ through the weekend even if he didn’t grant me more sleep for my birthday. I’ve determined I’ll let him try again for Mother’s Day, ha.


And how are you? How was your weekend? What’s new?


happy tuesday!

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