Thirty One.

by katelin on April 24, 2015

Tomorrow marks my thirty first birthday. It seriously seems like yesterday I was writing about turning thirty and how excited I was and how, holy crap, I’m in my thirties.

Now, thirty one. This year’s celebrations are much more on the low key side. There will be wine and hopefully a date night (our first A.R. – After Riley) and perhaps a brunch sometime. My wish list for a pedicure has already been fulfilled by my sister who surprised me last weekend with a pampered afternoon out (I almost cried it was so delightful).

Birthday pampering

This year’s birthday is different. Today I’m spending time with family┬ácelebrating the life of my great aunt. Yes, it will be hard and sad. But it will also be fun to introduce Riley to so many new family members.

My actual birthday will be spent driving home. And enjoying functioning on minimal sleep. And hopefully eating a donut. And drinking wine.

Clearly my thirties are so much weirder and unplanned than my twenties.

But that doesn’t make them any less awesome.


I love birthdays. And tomorrow is mine. So hurray my birthday, hurray life. And hurray another year!




happy weekend!

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