The New Man in My Life.

by katelin on February 9, 2015

Well it’s about to get a bit quiet over here on the blog for a bit because I’m trying to figure out this new life with two men in my life.

Everyone, meet Riley Charles. Baby Bannan made his arrival a bit early, last Thursday, February 5th and my goodness if I’m not the happiest and most exhausted I’ve ever been in my life.


Eventually I’ll be able to put more than a few thoughts together over what’s actually happened over the past five days, but for now just know these things:  I seriously love this little guy. I love being called mom. I love my husband more than I thought possible. I love that my body is still functioning on the most minimal hours of sleep. I am grateful for all of the visitors we’ve received and the help and food they’ve provided. And I’m in so much awe of this little munchkin.



happy monday!

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