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by katelin on February 3, 2015

So no, I didn’t have a baby this weekend. The fact that I’m still dilated to 3cm has basically been a big ole tease. Which I totally knew could happen and I’m fine with, but it’s pretty much got everyone around me on edge and anxious to hear if this little one has arrived yet. Alas, not the case. So with that, weekends must go on.

Friday: Spent the day deep cleaning the apartment like a crazy person. Some may call it nesting, I call it being unable to tolerate mess. I also call it, I’m having a baby soon and I want a clean apartment. After my ultimate cleaning party I enjoyed an afternoon of reading and Criminal Minds marathon watching. The evening was full of lounging with Matt, moving watching and a whole lot of nothing. And it was delightful.

Saturday: Spent the morning with a massive pile of pancakes. Seriously, I went a little overboard, but oh was it worth it and quite delicious. Also, chocolate chips – always a good decision.
Too many pancakesAfter that it was an afternoon of reading, TV watching, lounging and hanging around while Matt was working for the day. Once Matt got home, I was a bit stir crazy so we decided to get out of the house and explore a local museum for a bit. I mean I can’t really stay on my feet all that long, but it was fun to get around and check out some art and feel all cultured and stuff. We even happened to come across a delightfully adorable little pregnant lady statue that of course I had to pose with.

Museum day

After the museum we headed over to our friends’ parents’ house for dinner and hanging out and playtime. We ended the evening at their house chatting about all things baby and life and just catching up and twas delightful.

Sunday: Another lazy morning followed by an afternoon pretending to care about the Super Bowl. I mean I cared about halftime and the commercials and I got to cuddle with my niece, so that was delightful. And there was good food and good people, so a good day overall.

After the game, Matt and I got into bed before 9 because we’re awesome. I finished a book, we watched some TV, it was the perfect lazy way to round out the weekend.


And how was your weekend? Care about the Superbowl? Do any good reading or good lazying?


happy tuesday!

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