Brides & Birthdays & Bidding Adieu.

by katelin on January 20, 2015

Weekends. Are awesome. And realizing that my weekends are about to change so very soon is definitely making me embrace them so much more, ha.

Friday: Realizing that we had a busy weekend ahead, Matt and I decided for a quiet, easy night in. The night in consisted of ordering pizza (yes, I cheated on gluten again, because PIZZA!) and watching movies (How to Train Your Dragon 2 and 22 Jump Street). And it was the bestest.

Saturday: Started my morning off early by trekking to a bridal shower for a family friend’s fiancé. It was so fancy and lovely at a country club and I think I had the best creme brûlée of my life. We also played some fun games and I got to catch up with friends. So that was awesome.

The afternoon was spent napping on the couch, reading, trying to to feel like a pregnant turtle (I waddle, everywhere now, ha). And then the evening was spent celebrating my BFF Megan’s birthday. A group of us surprised her for dinner and it was delightful. Seriously, I love surprises. And I also love that everyone got dinner and I ordered ice cream (I’m an adult, I swear).
Megan's birthdayIt was so fun to stay out late, catch up with Megan’s friends and feel like a proper adult, ha.

Sunday: Oh Sunday. I spent the morning curled up in a bathroom, watching House of Cards in bed and sipping tea. The afternoon was spent “watching” football at Matt’s cousin’s house. And by “watching” it was really me enjoying the food and playing with a two year old and my four month old niece, ha. And then the evening rolled around and we went to my parent’s house for a bit of a farewell dinner as we bid my younger brother safe travels back to school in New York.

It was like a mini Thanksgiving and a whole lot of family raucousness. My brothers were also exceptionally goofy which was a welcome distraction and source of entertainment. Crazy to think these kiddos are going to be uncles and an aunt soon!

After dinner Matt and I headed home to tackle some chores and some reading before diving into a busy week. Twas superb.


And how was your weekend? Any weddingness or birthdayness? Family time? Lazy time?


happy tuesday!

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