Bump Through the Weekend.

by katelin on January 13, 2015

Life is sort of starting to get back to normal now that the holidays have come and gone. But normal is also a good, crazy combination of busy and lazy and sweet mercy, it’s crazy.

Friday: The day was full of working things and errands and laziness. The evening was full of celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday with Matt’s brothers and our sister-in-law and our niece and good ole BBQ. It was a delightful night out catching up with everyone and eating too much good food. And the perfect kick off to the weekend.

Saturday: You’d think with being unemployed and on my own schedule that I’d do all my errand running during the week, but then you’d be wrong. So Saturday morning, I was all over the place. Returning things, treating myself to lunch, buying things for baby and for me – all while it was a constant state of drizzle and rain. The rest of the afternoon I spent finishing up a book and curled up not doing anything.

For dinner we headed over to our friends’ house to hang out, chat baby (Laura is due the same day as me!), play with babies (our friends have a two year old and their friend was in town with her five month old) and have a generally delightful time catching up.

Bump it up!


Sunday: Another lazy, rainy day in SoCal. Called for cuddling up under blankets, watching TV and generally not doing a whole lot.  I literally don’t think I left the apartment all day long, and it was glorious. By the time 3pm rolled around I was parked in front of the TV watching the Golden Globes red carpet and then the show. Goodness, I love awards shows.


And how was your weekend? Staying warm? Eating too much? Did you watch the GGs?


happy tuesday!

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