The Final Countdown.

by katelin on January 7, 2015

Maternity sneak peek

You guys, we’re in the home stretch. Like ohmygod this baby will be here so soon homestretch. It’s amazing and baffling and I can’t even really believe it. I still sort of pinch myself that this is really happening. And it is very much happening.

How far along? 35 weeks. (8ish months)

How big is the baby? 18 inches and a little over 5 lbs. Or according to Babycenter, the size of a honeydew melon.

Total weight gain: 25ish lbs

Anxious about: FIVE WEEKS TO GO. I mean that’s still a while, but at the same time, NO – NOT REALLY. I feel like we have a lot of little things left to do (baby laundry, install the carseat, pick a pediatrician, preregister at the hospital, etc.) and still being a bit sick is annoying. That and moving for more than 10 minutes makes me winded these days. But, it will get done. Also, this baby is technically full term in two weeks, sweet mercy. Oh. And labor. No matter how much I read or learn about labor I just feel like there’s no way to prepare for it and you know, that’s joyous.

Excited about: FIVE WEEKS TO GO. In five weeks (give or take) this little bebe will be here. And life will be sweet and crazy and I’m finally getting the itch to know if we’re having a boy or a girl. Also, my BFF Megan is hosting a shower for me on the 24th and I’m so excited to celebrate this nugget even more with friends and family. Also, maternity photos. We took some over the weekend and so far I’ve seen three and I’m in love. Cannot wait to see the rest of the batch and print a few out and just, love.

Maternity sneak peek

Feeling: Really happy. A bit stressed. Ready to not be sick any more. Excited. Winded. All of the above.

Exercise: I’m still trying to go on walks but my goodness have they gotten shorter. My hips are a bit sore and like I said, walking for more than 10 minutes is a bit exhausting. So walks have been minimal but I’m trying. Also, doing some stretching and yoga poses while I can.

Sleep: Ha. My hips are sore, my bladder is being jumped on all night long. So yeah, I’m up every few hours. The upside to working for myself these days is that I can sleep in, take naps and ultimately try and catch sleep whenever I can.

Movement: This baby is our little ninja. I can imagine space is getting tight but when this baby kicks, it kicks. And stretches. And is apparently ‘in position’, so I feel the nugget move a whole lot.

Food Cravings: No cravings really except candy here and there. And gluten filled things. I’ve been such a cheat on gluten while pregnant it’s a bit ridiculous. But apparently this baby doesn’t mind so I’m totally taking advantage of it.

Misc: This past weekend Matt and I took a very mini-babymoon. It was perfection. We drove a few hours away to San Luis Obispo and Matt got us a cutesy little hotel room that had its own fireplace and hot tub (not that I could use that). They gave us cookies and wine (double for Matt) when we checked in and just, it was adorable. We ate too much all weekend and took the extra scenic drives. We weren’t in a rush and just had fun being us, basking in the ohmygosh of what’s to come.

We officially kicked off the babymoon by meeting up with Lan and her guy, Ian, in Morro Bay. We had a delicious lunch and then got in full photog mode and took maternity photos. It was so great to take photos with a friend and in such a pretty place and with such a hilarious and handsome man by my side.
Maternity sneak peek
The kiddo’s room is coming together. We have a mattress for the crib, the dresser is filled with diapers and toys and things and the bookshelves are up. This kid has a room.

The ninja baby also has a name. We’ve settled on names for boy or girl that we both love and it’s just so nice to have that figured out.

Every Asian woman I’ve met has assertively told me that I’m having a boy. And a homeless man told me I’m having a girl. So there’s that, ha. Also, still no random people touching my belly which is fine by me. But at the same time, touch the belly. It’s so crazy and wonderful, I do not mind.

Despite the stress and the countdown, I really cannot wait to meet our little bebe. So very soon.


happy wednesday!

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