The Holiday Numbers (Vol. 3).

by katelin on January 5, 2015

And hello 2015! I unintentionally took a little social media break again during the holidays and you guys, it was the best. I mean, yes I missed this space but I also enjoyed as much time away from my computer as I could possibly get. With that, here’s a snapshot of how I rounded out 2014 (including checking off everything off My Christmas Checklist):

Times I watched The Holiday and Love Actually: 7 and 4.
Decaf gingerbread lattes consumed: at least 5.
Hours slept: A whole lot. Yet, I could still use more.
Musicals enjoyed: 2 (WICKED! and Sleeping Beauty).

Celebrity kids spotted: 2 (Harper and Gideon Burtka-Harris! Yes, NPH’s kiddos with their dad David Burtka. I was a bit of a nerd and seriously they are so cute).
Days sick: Going on 10. Sweet actual mercy, I am so ready to be totally healthy again. Also, pregnant and sick is THE WORST.
Number of baby giggles from our niece: Too many to count.
UntitledTimes I cried happy tears during the holidays: At least 7.
Trips to the bar: 2.
Amount of times Baby Bannan got spoiled: SO MANY. My sister-in-law and her sisters hosted a baby shower for me and the little one. On top of that, Baby Bannan got so many goodies over Christmas – my goodness this baby is so loved.
Days spent doing nothing but nap and watching Friday Night Lights: 2.
Books read: 0. (whoops!)
Nights spent laughing and catching up with friends: A whole lot.
Years my ‘Happy New Year’ tiara survived: 5

And how was the end of 2014 for you? Lots of fun things I hope! Fill me in, I’m so out of the loop. Here’s to a wonderful 2015 full of glitter and sparkles and love and awesomeness.


happy monday!

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