The Holiday Kick Off.

by katelin on December 1, 2014

I love the holidays. Even when they sneak up on me out of seemingly nowhere, I love them. I mean honestly, how the hell is it December?! I’m so confused. But at the same time I’m already in the holiday spirit and this past weekend was the perfect kick off.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

I spent my morning working away in the kitchen making an appetizer, baking two desserts and attempting crock pot mac and cheese. Luckily it was all made easier by a trip to Starbucks by Matt and sweet dance music.


The early afternoon was spent pretending it was actually November and not June (seriously, I was wearing shorts – it was 85 degrees, sweet mercy) and hanging out with my family. It was good to see the out-of-towners and nibble away on tasty treats. Also, any time to talk baby with my family is a good time.

UntitledThe evening meal was spent with my in-laws and twas delightful. There was a whole lot of good eats, good laughs, baby cuddles and football watching for those that cared. It was a day to be quite thankful for. So much family and good friends and yes, I was emotional all day long.

Friday: I did nothing. Like really nothing. I watched movies practically all day long. Seriously. It was glorious. And then Matt came home from watching football and we had leftover Thanksgiving food and watched The Holiday. Then after that we went to bed watching Love Actually and yep, best lazy day ever.

Saturday: I kicked off my day in the Christmas spirit. Matt got all my decoration boxes from my parents’ house and I went to work. Our place is now a Christmasland of magic. And it’s the best. And I listened to Christmas music and lit a Christmas candle and sweet mercy Christmas is going to be here soon!

The evening we actually went out and did adult things. We celebrated my sister’s birthday at a bar, with other adults and adult beverages (hurray water for me!) and live music. It was a fun night catching up with family and old friends and just, sometimes it’s good to pretend to be an adult with a weekend social life again, ha.

Sunday: Rain finally hit Southern California and my goodness was it perfect for being lazy. We lounged the morning away in bed before heading over to our friends’ house for a bit to help with a bit more moving in. The afternoon was spent reading (me) and watching football (Matt) before we decided to have a good ole evening out. We did a dinner and a movie (Mockingjay) date and twas delightful. I mean, yes I yelled at the annoying people sitting behind us that wouldn’t stop talking or kicking my seat, but still, it was a nice night out.


And how was your weekend? Have a good holiday? Any movie watching or good eating?


happy monday!

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