Third is the Word.

by katelin on November 19, 2014

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YOU GUYS. Today marks the third trimester. Sweet mercy. It marks more frequent doctor’s visits and the final stretch and probably the return of fatigue. It also means we’re just that much closer to meeting this little bebe and I cannot wait. So in celebration, I figured I’d share another little (sort of) update, so here we go:

How far along? 28 Weeks (6 monthish)

How big is the baby? According to our ultrasound on Tuesday, 3 lbs and has a big head (pray for me). According to BabyCenter, the size of an eggplant (whatever that means).

Total weight gain: 19 lbs.


Anxious about: 12 weeks to go. And I feel like we have so much to do. 12 weeks is a lot of time. But at the same time – NO IT REALLY ISN’T. Also, I took my glucose test yesterday to test for gestational diabetes and oh fingers crossed I passed. My dad is a diabetic, my grandma is a diabetic and a year ago I was actually borderline for diabetes. So I have no idea what to expect. I just really really hope I don’t have it.

Excited about: Putting together the kiddo’s room this weekend. We got a crib from my cousin and the dresser/changing table Matt’s been working on is basically done so we’re moving it all in. I can’t wait to organize and assess everything we have and reorganize and clean and ah, THIS IS HAPPENING. Also, my sister-in-law and her sisters are throwing me a baby shower after Christmas and just, eeeeee.

Feeling: Pretty dang good. And emotional. And just generally happy.

Exercise: I’ve been walking a few miles around my neighborhood a couple days a week still. Some days the walks are shorter depending on my hips and my bladder. Other days I feel like a badass when I can go three miles. Basically I’m just trying to stay as active as I can.

Sleep: It’s been coming and going in spurts. Some nights I’ll sleep great and only wake up once to pee, while other nights I’m up multiple times and can’t fall back asleep. Luckily good ole unemployement has allowed for naps to be a thing again.

Movement: This baby is a little ninja. And I love it. However, this ninja does not perform. Sometimes the kid will be kicking like crazy and I’ll tell Matt to come over and feel and instantly it stops. It’s like this child knows, ha. But really it’s comforting to feel so much movement throughout the day. It’s also hilarious to feel nonstop movement when I lie down to go to bed. Like, oh hey, are you just prepping me for bizarre hours from here on out? I think you are.

Food Cravings: Baked goods and Skittles. Sweet mercy I hope I pass the glucose test. And I hope this baby doesn’t come out made of sugar.

Over the weekend, I caught the tail end of Father of Bride 2 when both women go into labor and I started crying uncontrollably. So you know, my emotions are officially in pregnant person mode.

I’m really hoping we get to take a babymoon. Even a minimoon. I just want to go somewhere soon that’s just Matt and I. I already feel like I talk about this baby 24/7 and I want some time for just us before the kid is here. It’s not going to be easy with the holidays right around the corner and my recent lack of job, but hopefully we can make it work.

I have yet to have a random person touch my belly, and honestly I don’t think I’d care too much. For now, like I said at the beginning, I love when people touch my stomach. It just makes me so happy.

On that note, some days I wake up in the morning and forget that I’m pregnant. No really, I have to look down or feel a kick or just straight pinch myself that this is really happening. I sort of feel like I’ve been living a dream for the past six months and I’m eventually going to wake up. It’s still so surreal and I just don’t know if it’ll ever sink in.



happy wednesday!

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