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by katelin on November 18, 2014

Now that I’m unemployed I honestly never know what day it is until about 3pm. Seriously, it is confusing. But somehow weekends are still full of things that are delightful and I lurve it.

Friday: Matt and I decided to have a bit of a date night at one of our favorite burger places. It was DELICIOUS. I mean, pregnant or not I would have been all over it, because it’s just that good. But we sort of went crazy with loaded fries, burgers and even topped the evening off with shakes. Twas delightful. Also, Terry Crews and his kids were seated at the table next to us, so that was a fun celeb sighting to mix in with the evening. The rest of the night was spent relaxing and hanging out and the perfect way to wind down the week.

Saturday: We spent our morning helping friends move into their new house. By helping move I mean that I dusted things and reorganized while Matt and Gianni did actual moving.¬†And there was chatting and laughing and pregnant “photo shoots”:


Eventually Matt and I headed out to leave the homeowners to more organizing and unpacking. Matt had a night to himself while I enjoyed a good ole girl’s evening with my mom and aunts. We ate tasty food, watched Love Actually and had an all around delightful night.

Sunday: Matt spent the morning off watching football and I spent it eating baked goods. Seriously, I can’t stop baking things and it’s almost hazardous to my health. But not really. Really it’s just good. I mean, pumpkin cranberry bars, come on now.


Come the afternoon time we headed back to our friends’ new house to help with a bit more moving and unpacking and dusting and reorganizing. And in the evening we enjoyed take-out with our friend Mike and watched football and chatted about all things life. And yep, that about sums up the rest of the day and the weekend. Relaxing yet delightful.



And how was your weekend? Do any baking or holiday movie watching? Any good eats or celeb sightings?



happy tuesday!

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