All About the Candelabra.

by katelin on November 4, 2014

Apparently my crafty/creative side is kicking in you guys. And I love it. The next few months I’ll be tackling projects around the apartment that I’ve put off, prepping the kiddo’s room and just generally tidying up/reorganizing because I’m a bit of a neat freak.

But on Sunday I was at my parents’ house and saw a candelabra that was oh-so-neglected and I seriously had a light bulb moment. MY BRACELETS! I have so many bracelets. And they’ve been in a basket for the past two years. So I really only end up wearing the ones on top. But alas, that is the case no more.
Jewelry holders

Behold, my new bracelet holder. And seriously, I am in love.

I can see them all now, I can move it around and it fits in quite nicely with my random array of necklace holders as well (two trees and a converted DVD holder).
Jewelry holdersSuper right? I’m pretty much in love with all of it. And Matt is just smiling and nodding because he didn’t even know I owned so much jewelry, ha.

And with that, I can accessorize again, huzzah.


Do you have a ton of jewelry? How is it displayed/organized?


happy tuesday!

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