A Not-So-Spooky Weekend.

by katelin on November 3, 2014

Fall is finally here! I mean, let’s forget the fact that the weather is forecasted at 90 degrees on Thursday and just pretend we’re going to keep enjoying the low 70s/high 60s weather with the brisk wind and occasional rain storms. Seriously, this weekend was so good for my soul and my overall enjoyment of the season.

Friday: Well this was a big day. I went into my office for the last time, my job ended. That’s another post for another day. I then came home and danced my way around Taylor’s 1989 album. To commemorate such a big milestone I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. Eventually Matt came home and in somewhat costumes (Matt as a pirate, me with a shirt that said “Let Me Out!” and had baby handprints) we made our way across town to be a bit festive. We enjoyed a dinner date before meeting up with friends to take their daughter trick-or-treating.


It was a good practice run for the years to come and overall a great time hanging out with friends. Post Halloween activities we got to hang out with our niece for a bit and came home to watch some non-scary TV.

Saturday: Started off the morning with a breakfast date before some afternoon errands. The evening was spent celebrating our friends’ birthday with his family and dinner. The late evening was spent catching up with friends and playing Cards Against Humanity. So you know, typical. And delightful. And just my kind of evening.

Sunday: That extra hour came in quite handy for my need to sleep. Matt left to watch football and I enjoyed a good ole “Me Day.” I went walking, I baked, I reorganized, I watched Scandal reruns, I read, I danced some more. It was the most delightful. Matt came home just in time for us to head on up to my parents’ house for a family dinner. We talked life and baby with my parents, aunt & uncle and my little brother and even played some games. Oh, and there were cookies. So that was nice.


And how was your weekend? Any Halloween shenanigans? Fall time fun?


happy monday!

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